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Thread: Printing the Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Printing the Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hi Matt,

    Holy Wow! Hot, so hot. Yep, it was worth the wait! Hats off to you guys..... and hair..... and head! LOL

    Ok, I want to set up my Wacom 4 to match some of the shortcuts that I use in PhotoShop and Painter, etc. I have printed copies of all my customs in case of a major meltdown.

    I exported the AR3 shortcut list and it gave me a file format that nothing else could open and from which I could print. Saving it to the "All Files" choice caused AR3 to crash and Microsoft suddenly got involved.... grrrrr.

    I know your fingers must be numb from typing now, but is there a way to help besides doing a copy screen and then cutting and pasting into Word?

    Thanks, Matt.


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    Take a look in
    C:\Documents and Settings\<your name>\Application Data\Ambient Design\ArtRage 3
    for the file currentshortcuts.sck
    You should be able to open that file with Notepad, and print from there.
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