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Thread: Show/Hide All Stencils command

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    Show/Hide All Stencils command

    I was wondering if the 'Show All Stencils' and 'Hide All Stencils' menu commands could be made into a single 'Show/Hide All Stencils' command?

    Currently there are 2 separate menu items for showing and hiding all stencils. If I want to assign this command to one of my tablet's button, I have to assign a keyboard shortcut to these items. Which means, I not only need to designate 2 keyboard shortucts, but also it has to take up 2 separate buttons on my Wacom pad.

    I think it would be easier if this would be a toggle and have a single keyboard command toggle them on and off.

    All panels have a single keyboard shortcut toggle, like 'Sticker Sheet Collection', 'Stencil Collection', 'Tracing Panel', etc, etc. They are all toggles. So would be nice to have the same thing for Show/Hide All Stencils.


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    I agree, this would be very useful. Would help speed up the process.

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    Is F6 not working in AR3? I use that a lot in AR2.5 for hide/show the stencils. I thought is something wrong on my function keys.

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    This is a suggestion I had brought up in the Beta forums at one point and as I recall, a few other members agreed. I'm not sure what their plans are for it though. Personally, I'm hoping the opt to give us an option to make it toggle.
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