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Thread: AR3 and Illustrator

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    AR3 and Illustrator

    Will I be able to copy and paste an image from Illustrator to AR3? That would make stencil creation SOOO much easier. My life would be blissful.

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    Well.....If I had a copy already I certainly would. In which case I wouldn't need to bother everybody with this post.

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    Nope, it doesn't come in as a stencil. You can paste it as a regular pixel object - unless I'm still missing some hidden feature.

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    That's great to know, pentool!! Looks like I'll be upgrading. Thanks for your help.

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    HotTaco, I don't think the result you're aiming for is possible (if I'm understanding things correctly). Selecting the paths on the screen and coping and pasting them to ArtRage 3 will result in the image being brought over with background to it (white, when I tried it). Making a stencil from it will create a rectangle form, rather then the shapes of the paths you made the image with. So you'd still need to save the image as png and import it as a stencil for your needs (I believe).

    Though, I had good results copying and then pasting the paths and then using the new magicwand tool to remove the white background.

    But not having this feature wouldn't keep me from getting AR3. There's so many more things to look forward too
    Nothing is easy to the unwilling.

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    Thanks, someonesane. M'eah, too bad you can't paste from AI. But the magic wand sounds encouraging.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    Just as a follow-up to Someonesane: I purchased my upgrade the other day and I wanted to tell you that the magic wand tool is amazing. Took me awhile to find it (the tool), but COOL!!

    Now I can use two of my favorite apps together!! (I'm giddy)

    Thanks again.

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