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  1. AR3 select tool

    Rages-Thanks for a fast application and intuitive UI-Love the ink pen and navigation panel (sure there will be other treasures tucked away.

    Came a clanger with the select tool. A little splash screen appeared over the image showing the select tool icon (with an x box) when I applied the stylus to the tablet. It took awhile to get out of the loop as the splash screen disappeared when the stylus was lifted off the tablet-what am I missing?

    I'll have another go at selecting when the excitement drops off


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    That little panel indicates that there is a 0 pixel selection on your canvas. There are some situations in which you can generate a selection that doesn't contain anything, and when you try to paint we have to let you know that you can't paint due to a selection situation (there's another one that pops up with an eye icon if you try to paint on a hidden layer).

    To solve this: Press Ctrl/Cmd + D (the default 'Deselect All' shortcut) and you should be able to paint again.

    You can also go to the Edit menu and click on 'Deselect All' for the same result.
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  3. Thanks Matt.
    I look forward to discovering the"eye".
    All the best,

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