Hihi everyone!

I'm new around here, I'm an ArtRage convert since 2.5, and just bought the release 3 Studio Pro today.

I'm really impressed by it, love the Real Color mixing, and better tablet response, and overall I like the new look and feel of the interface.

However I have few questions regarding a specific use : TabletPC (in tablet mode). I often use my laptop in tablet mode, and like many early Tablet PCs, it runs in 1024x768 - so desktop space is limited. Since I flip the screen and use it as a drawing pad, I don't have access to keyboard modifiers (limited, with some programmable buttons).

Two things I've noticed from 2.5 to 3:

- It has been adapted to higher resolution displays (which is nice on my 24" LCD, less on the laptop) - yup I'm aware panels/palettes are resizable, but overall I think they've fattened up a bit, and when scaled down, it becomes somewhat muddy on a low-res display.

- I love the pods, but I find that it ads to the tapping sometimes, and why can't I disable squarely some pods through menus? (e.g. I rarely use stencils, tracing and stickers, so I could free that space for other tools / less clutter). Idem for the Canvas Mover - it's one click/tap more to nudge/scale/rotate (two more to close the puck if wanted).

ArtRage 2.5 seemed to have been designed with a quick flow in mind, as I could operate almost any functions with two clicks or less, and "hide" things selectively. Will there be a "Ultra Mobile" version of ArtRage Studio Pro 3? Or even better, an option to enable/disable a "TabletPC Interface Mode" in the next update that caters more to a specific "Drawing slate" type of use rather than a desktop+tablet setup.

Two ideas:

- The three Move/Scale/Rotate icons of ArtRage 2.5 could work well in the menu bar if one could click-and-drag to perform their respective functions, while still preserve screen space/quick accessibility - they could be as small as the Canvas Mover icon in the menu bar, and still work well. For more precise canvas move, then one uses the puck.

- Why not a "Shift+Click on Tool" to access its specific settings? Single modifier keys are feasible on Tablets (and Shift is already used for the live-resize, so it'd be coherent). I'm aware that it's a trade-off from the current Settings pod (screen estate vs. button-combo). Options again?

I'm sorry if I sound awefully nitpicky - I really like ArtRage in its new version, but I'm sure it's easy to understand how repeated additional clicks and less screen estate can hamper down ease of use. I'm also very aware that opinions on interface design/decisions is quite subjective and personal!

- Logozo