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Thread: Trouble with cursors in ArtRage Studio Pro

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    Trouble with cursors in ArtRage Studio Pro

    I've just downloaded and installed ArtRage Studio Pro and already I'm having a bit of problem with my cursor!

    When I first opened it, I had some pretty nifty cursors shaped like the tools, then Zone Alarm popped up and asked if I wanted to give permissions for my Wacom (Intous3) and I said ok. Now all I have are circle things for cursors and no paint shows!

    BTW, I'm on XP. I've tried resetting preferences, etc.; but, alas, the same thing happens. I move the pen and all that happens is the cursor changes size as I try to paint.

    Please help!


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    Did you turn off the antivirus before you installed the program, if not i would try installing the program with Zone Alarm turned off.

    Just a suggestion.
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    Cursors ok now!! :)

    Oops! After typing the previous note, I went back into AR3 and presto, everything is ok! I think I may have the Wacom cord stuck under my chair wheel! Duh!!!! I forgot how testy those things are! Well, now back to AR3 for some fun!

    Thanks to all who may have answered my plea for help.


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    For those who may be looking for a way to change their cursors from "Precise" to "Outline" or "Tool", one can change them by going to "Edit" and selecting the Preferences Panel. Under "Cursors", select the type of cursor needed and select "Ok" to make the changes. This can also be done using shortcuts, but since these are now user definable, they can be different from person to person. To set up your own shortcuts for this, select the "Set Keyboard Shortcuts" option under the "Edit" menu. On the Keyboard Shortcuts panel locate "Cursor Commands" and then set the keys or key combination's required.

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    Gee! I didn't know I could do that. Thanks.

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    Cool, i'll try that, thanks someonesane.

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    Thank you very much for the information that will be handy for me.

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