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Thread: AR3 - Hide Task Bar in Full Screen Mode?

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    AR3 - Hide Task Bar in Full Screen Mode?

    Firstly, AR3 is too big and awesome to comprehend yet. But I have a quick question, as I set up the interface to my liking...

    Is the AR2.5 feature "Hide Task Bar in Full Screen Mode" still available? I searched the manual and couldn't find the word "task bar" beyond the a reference to the "Hide" button.

    I know I can set my task bar to auto-hide, or just pull down, but it appears I've lost access to my favorite mode: Really, Truly Full Screen.

    Thanks so much,

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    Have you tried right-clicking? Or enter? Cause those work for me.

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    Flynn, thanks for the rapid response. When I right click or push enter, I get a full screen without the Windows menu bar, but the task/"Start" bar remains. In AR2.5 it would behave this way until I minimized or restored the window once, and then re-maximized. But now I can't get ArtRage to truly take over the whole monitor, which brings me immense pleasure--pretending that the machine is *entirely* dedicated to using ArtRage.

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    There were some consistency problems with different versions of the operating system and ArtRage 2 so we have had to remove the 'Hide Taskbar' option. We may be able to reintroduce it in an update however.

    Sorry about that!
    ArtRage UI
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    I accept your apology, Matt, and really appreciate the rapid reply. You guys are really the world's greatest software company.
    I had a hunch that Windows 7 fickleness had something to do with that...Microsoft hates losing the spotlight. Is that it or was it a MacOS thing?
    Either way, I think I'm going to run my WinXP machine into the ground and then probably get my first Mac.
    I understand that I am probably the only person who had placed that as their #1 favorite feature of ArtRage (yes, really more satisfying for me than the natural media simulation), and had used it as a point of reference on other software message boards, asking for other programs to incorporate the feature. If there's any way the feature can be re-integrated, it'd be marvelous, but I guess until then AR2.5 now has a unique value...

    Thanks again!

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    I like it, but I change tools too often for it to be in regular use

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    Flynn, most times I use ArtRage this is also the case. But sometimes I set up a still life and really try to convince myself that I'm not using a computer at all (working on a tablet PC). For me this is when ArtRage really shines and takes me beyond the typical digital painting experience.
    Here's a painting I did of my sneaker in that style, using a small paint-roller tool for the whole thing (I also like the square-headed oil paint, so I can pretend I'm Sargent).

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    "Auto-hide the taskbar" works - Creates a true full screen mode.

    Forget it! Setting the taskbar to "auto-hide" and then re-maximizing one time creates true full screen.

    Everything is dandy.

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