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Thread: [AR3] Trouble creating a 1680x1050 canvas

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    [AR3] Trouble creating a 1680x1050 canvas

    Whenever I create a new canvas at 1680x1050 resolution, it comes out at 1280x1024. I'm using the demo for ArtRage 3 Studio Pro, is this the maximum size for the canvas in the demo?

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    That's correct.
    The Demo version of ArtRage Studio Pro has the following limitations:
    It expires after 30 days.
    It's canvas sizes are limited to 1280 x 1024
    Export is limited to JPG, with a watermark in the corners.
    And it is limited in the number of new stickers and other resources you can add.

    However it has all the tools and features of ArtRage Studio Pro so you can get to see what ArtRage Studio Pro is capable of.
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