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Thread: About ArtRage 3 release date

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    About ArtRage 3 release date

    I know you are all waiting for ArtRage to be released, but in my opinion the release date is highly suboptimal for poor people who depend on the money they get as Christmas gifts to pay for the update.

    For us it is not possible to get the special price offer, because it ends at Christmas eve.

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    Just to clarify how the Switch To Studio offers work:

    The 'differential' offer for customers who purchased directly from us is a special offer valid for 2 weeks. After that time, those customers switch to the standard price that applies to all customers, so you will still be able to receive the standard Switching discount ($25 and $65 cost) after the initial special offer period has expired.

    There may be other special offers in the future but none are currently planned, the special offer is our 'launch period' special.
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