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Thread: Color Explorer

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    Color Explorer

    Dig this tool and it saves to .PNG so once a user finishes there color explorations they can bring them right into Art Rage. This may be my second favorite tool next to Kuler but Kuler only saves to Photoshop and Illustrator swatches only.

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    Kewl. Bookmarked.

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    Color Explorer does not give the option to save as .col. Is it possible to convert .png to .col??

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    I use Xpal found here
    It produces a .pal file that you can use in many apps.
    It exports upto 256 colors,the colorexplorer does to 50 max
    I requested it could be imported into AR.
    It also exports as eps which you can open in another app and then export as png.
    One could also make a screen grab of the generated view with picpick,
    my favorite screen grabbing utility found here

    Both apps are freeware and might be of use for anyone


    (You could load the,by colorexplorer,generated png into AR as reference image and use the color-picker from it)
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