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Thread: I am Home

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    I am Home

    They kept me up all night tuesday with tests and putting in an IV. They even gave me caster oil to keep me busy. At midnight thet put in 2 suppositiries to keep me up.
    The next morning they came up and got me to go to surgery. While the nurse was briefing them about me, some others came in. I asked for a cup of coffee. Didn't get it.
    They then wheeled me to the operating table. Did I mention that Filipinos are smaller than Americans? The nurse went to put out the arm rest and it fell off.
    I said,"You broke it. You broke it."
    She was in denial. they couldn't figure out how to put it back. I repeated. She started laughing. I knew we were going to have a problem having a
    serious operation.
    They started to take my blood pressure. Cuff was for a Filipino. Too small. I told them to go to my room and get mine. (I learned from last year.)
    The anestheologist came in. I told him that she broke the arm rest. That was the end of seriousness.
    He told me he was going to inject something to relax me first and then after that he would knock me out.
    then he added,"Then I can do anything with your body I want."
    He also added that he was just joking.
    Things got quiet after that and I told him that I was going into my prayer mode. (I pray for the operating team and for my family.)
    The next thing I knew, I felt a pain on my right side and was opening my eyes. It was over.
    I still have the tubes in and am typing with one hand.After I pass gas they will take it out and I will try to walk. I am sitting now.
    Hope to go home either Friday or Saturday. Probably Saturday.
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    Hey you type pretty good with one hand. Thanks for sharing that you're alive and kicking!

    So pass some gas already

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    Dear Ray, what a great disposition you have!!! thanks for the updates!!! gas-pass all you want, rest all you can, enjoy the meals and being waited on, best wishes!!!

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    Lol that gave me a good chuckle, keep up your good sense of humor buddy, you'll be outa there in no time, nothing like being in your own home, i hate hospitals, and they hate me lol

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    Dear Ken, oh how I did chuckle reading your post. I hope that everything goes ok for you and that you are home soon. Please keep us amusingly informed.
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    Hope you are home soon Ken. A big thanks for letting us hear from you, and a big thanks to THE MAN for keeping you safe. Now...think windy city.

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    Don't hold that gas too long. Don't want to be called an old fart, now do you.

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    Nice to read you again!

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    Glad you are well, Raybrite
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    Hey, Raybright, thanks for the great report from General Hospital. Wonderful to see you in such great spirits, and yes, you're a master of the one hand typewriter.

    Get well soon - I'm sure you are looking forward to getting home.

    All the best to you.

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