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Thread: "Holding out on Artrage 2.5" Whatever that means...

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    "Holding out on Artrage 2.5" Whatever that means...

    Most times when I create something I start doodling around – and overpaint everything I didnīt like... but in this case that didnīt help (very much)

    So I decided to make the best of it and took an grayscale Version of the "painting" (Export Layer with shift click from Tips and Tricks) and rendered it in a 3D landscape app (Vue de Esprit).

    I took 36 hours to calculate a 10000x7500 pixel image. What a pain!

    I want to take this rendered Version as a starting point for further artraging

    I think the phrase "Holding out on Artrage 2.5" isnīt correct English and for native speakers it has a weired meaning... but now the work is done

    I wanted to say something like: Even if AR3 is released "I go on painting with 2.5" (but in real life thats of coures a lie)
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    holding out for management position

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    I agree with Matthew, the first painting is amazing.

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    what i cant belive im not looking at a real picture. So amazing im holding out too. Spent a little to much for the holidays
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    Rendering with vue is always a pain for me (i'm using vue 8 pioneer which is free) ,cool displacement(?) in vue, vue requiring both high end cpu and gpu i believe before it can run smoothly. Nice effects.

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