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Thread: Artrage 3 or twistedbrush pro?

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    Artrage 3 or twistedbrush pro?

    Im in need for a paintprogram that somewhat mimicks realworld painting.

    I was going to register twistedbrush pro. But then I saw that Artrage 3 is on its way.

    I don't want to wait for 2-3 month.
    I need a program with painterlike brushes quite soon.

    Is there some release or public alpha planned or is there a way to sign up for betatesting?

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    More like 2-3 weeks

    But you can buy ArtRage 2.5 which is great, and upgrade as soon as it's released

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    Artrage 2 is nice but is a litte to basic for my needs.

    So I guess I will just have to wait for artrage 3 than.

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    Are you sure you've looked at the full arsenal that version 2.5 has to offer?

    Full psd blending modes, canvas textures, stencils etc - and all for 25$. It's a very capable software and mimics the real world painting experience better than a lot of others I've looked at.

    Just a thought.
    I'm a pro and the attached image was done entirely in ArtRage 2.5 to support an editorial in ImagineFX mag some time ago, about budget software.
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    It's a good point. Twisted Brush is very cheap, only $40 more than AR 3. It is very like Painter, if a little dull and confusing on the interface side, but extremely useful and there are thousands of brushes and features.

    I've had TB for a number of years but only experimented with it and haven't used it for a real job therefore I can't comment on stability (it hasn't crashed so far). I think I agree that AR2.5 is probably slightly limited compared to TwistedBrush16 (yes, 16!). AR3 looks to be more competitive and probably, given the pre-release information, a better, more user friendly application.

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    Heck. How would you know what brush is right for the job with such a massive choice? What I love about AR is that you select 1 tool and alter its settings to get the right brush for the job. Simple, uncluttered and very elegant. And of course version 3 is hardly going to be less functional. It is fair to expect a good deal more functionality. I tingle to think what AR16 will be like if it is already this good at 3.
    I guess I'm being predictable and saying I would choose ArtRage!

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    Thanks for the demo, very nice painting! And the rest of you guys for the replies.

    Im also pro.

    You are right, I havn't tried 2.5 full version. What I tried perhaps a year back was the simplier version.

    As for the brushes there are a couple of brush types I use because it speeds up getting to the result I want.

    Its not hard to find the right brush in Twisted Brush since they are divided into categories and you can customize your own category.

    I also prefere to be able to tweak the brushes myself but I found the brushes in TB to be good enough. Though some of them became quite slow when making them big.

    What I don't really like with TB is that you don't seem to be able to change shortcuts and since good shortcuts really speedup the workflow its a minus.

    Right now it looks like I will be getting Artrage 3 when it comes.

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    And Twisted Brush is Windows only, no brainer for my MAC.... I'll keep AR 2.5 and will rejoice at AR 3, when it is ready.
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    I'd say that artrage is a better choice if you don't like the gui to be getting too much in the way of creativity. Thats probably my favorite feature about artrage- its clean, simple and effective. The gui is original and well thought. In other apps, the gui is cluttered, annoying and grey

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    I have TB and ArtRage. Quit using TB because it's not as intuitive as AR. And AR3 puts TB in the dust.

    Just my opinion

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