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Thread: New User Needs Help finding saved image!

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    Question New User Needs Help finding saved image!

    I am working with Art Rage 2.5 with my 5th graders. A few did not follow directions for saving. Instead of saving to the Desktop - they saved to Tracing Images. Now I can't figure out how to get the image back. If I click on the Tracing icon - the saved work is there but it is greyed out and I can't select it. Is there a way to retrieve the work or do those kids need to start over Thanks for any help.

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    go to the tracing folder in your hard drive under ArtRage and move it to another folder. It will be EZ to open then.

    You didn't say whether you are using Mac or PC.

    For a PC, you find tracing images in:

    Program Files
    Ambient Design
    ArtRage 2
    Resources Folder
    Tracing Images

    Hope this helps,

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    Unhappy Still no luck

    I am on a Mac. When I open the hard drive - Art Rage is greyed out so that can't be opened either. Frustrating. Guess this will teach the kiddos to make sure they save correctly.

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    Did they save the files as .ptg files within the tracing folder or did they export the files as .png, .jpg, or other such file? If it's not a .ptg file, then trying to "Open" the file will fail, no matter what folder it's in, because the file type must be a .ptg file to use the Open option under the File menu. So if the file were saved as another file type (png, jpg, bmp, etc...) one must use the "Import Image" option. Please note however, that one should always save the image as .ptg file if one plans to continue working on it, because the paint loading and other ArtRage specific dynamics will be preserved in such file types, while exporting the files will flatten the images and loose any dynamics the file may have had.

    With that understood, it should also be noted that where the "Tracing" folder is located may be different depending on the operating system. In Windows XP, it'll likely be located in the Programs folder, but on Vista it could in the Local Roaming folders.

    (EDIT) - Crossed posts there. I see now that you're using Mac's, so you can ignore the part about the windows xp/vista. Though, do check to see if the file types are .ptg or not.
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    Smile Yippee!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you---

    They had been saved as .ptg's. I looked under Open Painting and then under Tracing Images and there it was waiting to be retrieved. So simple. I knew this forum would be great. Sadly, you may hear from me often when I need help "figuring it out". Usually it is right in front of my nose. Hopefully I will get better as we go. The kids are soooooo excited about the program and the tablets! Parents are calling to find out info for Xmas gifts!!!!

    Again, thanks

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