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Thread: vertical /horisontal wacom-tablet 'hack'

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    vertical /horisontal wacom-tablet 'hack'

    as you properly know using a ruler can produce perfect vertical or horisontal lines. By chance i stumpled over a hack that can be used to do the same without any AR tool.
    This may or may not work with your tablet.. :/
    Try to place the pen outside the drawing area and then 'draw'
    If it is placed to the right or the left of the draw-area a perfect vertical line is drawn.
    independent of how you move the pen. Placed on the tablet 'framing' in top or botton a perfect horisontal line is drawn.
    This is a fast and simple way to get straight lines :) -and ofcause it works in any graphic program, not just AR.. doh..


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    I would have liked to have seen a Wacom tablet with a "drafting machine" attachment...or at least a T-square and triangles...and french curves...for drawing clean lines at various angles and shapes.

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