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Thread: Wider and variable strokes.

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    Wider and variable strokes.

    I like working with chalk and pastels. Laying down the chalk flat on the paper gives broader strokes. Is there a way to "widen" the chalk stroke? This would also benifit "finger" painting. The idea with finger painting would be a variable stroke simliar to what would happen when a child finger paints.

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    Currently there is no particular shape to the contact area of the pastel or crayon. It's the same as you go in every direction.

    If you want to broadstroke an area in chalk, make it 500% width, but unlike using chalk scraped on its side, you will probably not find the nice squared ends of your strokes like the paint roller.

    If I really really wanted that effect, I could fake it in a labor-intensive way: lay down each 500% chalk stroke on a new clear layer, erase the excess to square out the edge, then do a 10% chalk stroke along the erased edge to give a bolder "stop" on the stroke. Then merge it down and repeat the process on another fresh layer.

    I agree with the need for more "use a tool in various ways" options. We just add many more suggestions than anyone could implement. Perhaps ArtRage Version 84.
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