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Thread: Image Filtering Overview

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    Image Filtering Overview

    Hello Matt
    Very interested in following two features of AR 3.0 Studio
    (especially first)

    • Color Adjustment built in filter
    • Photoshop compatible filter support

    Are you able to comment a little further?
    If the AR 3.0 Help File has been composed perhaps you might copy and paste, else some screen shots would be marvelous.
    Maybe you could authorize a few comments by the beta testers?

    Many Thanks

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    ArtRage Studio Pro has two built-in image processing effects, and also supports many industry-standard plugin image filter effects.

    The built-in effects:
    Blur: applies a Gaussian blur to the layer
    Colour Adjust: Tweak the Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Colour richness of the layer (either as paint colour before lighting is applied, or as a flat layer bitmap)
    These two we felt were the two most important 'work-horse' effects for digital art, so deserved to be integraded fully into ArtRage. It also meant that we laid the groundwork for adding other built-in image processing effects in future updates.

    More information will be forthcoming soon.
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