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Thread: Mouse Problem

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    Mouse Problem

    Hello fellow Ragers

    I'm having a problem with my mouse, both right and left buttons work on my computer desktop just fine, but when i log onto the internet my left button doesn't want to work at all.

    Any helpful hints would be most welcome

    Thank you all


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    Very unusual problem Picaso, my husband had this problem a while ago, he thought his mouse had broken, but it turned out to be the online web page he was visiting, his problem was just on the one particular site though, so if yours is effected just by being online, I can't think what's causing it. Hope you get it sorted.

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    Hmmm, strange behaviour. If it works on your desktop, the mouse itself is fine. My mouse driver has some options to assign different functionality to the buttons for different applications. So maybe your mousedriver has a similar feature and that causes the problem. Try to find such an option or test to switch back to a standard mousedriver and check the behaviour. You could also try out another browser, to see if it's just a browser problem. Perhaps this helps to isolate your problem. Good luck.

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