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Thread: Things I want to see in AR4.....Jack.

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    Things I want to see in AR4.....Jack.

    I would like to see
    1.several more different and SMOOTHER transition blenders,including possible bristle blender...
    2.Hue change or alteration by means of three seperate sliders, one for each colour,(NOT a single slider going from one colour to another).
    3.Shadows at the moment go to grey if you lighten a sticker with a shadow( So if you have a sticker with a shadow and its RED so you can change the colour) and you want a lighter jar,mug bottle or whatever, you cant,.. if its got a shadow, a very light grey shadow looks most odd, its ok at darker settings....

    there must be other things I would like to see but I just cant think of anything at the Mo... you do seem to have almost everthing covered, perhaps good friends on the forum could add their WANTS for next edition.... Jack.
    Some of my artwork can be seen at the above link.......Jack.

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    Dear Jack, so funny? so serious? 'we already have the stars, lets not ask for the moon', yet xox

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