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Thread: Color wheel for iPhone/iPod users

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    Color wheel for iPhone/iPod users

    I just recently bought an iPhone 3GS and have been browsing through the various apps. Hereīs one that might be of interest here. Itīs called Peppermint. Iīm not selling it and probably wonīt buy it. It just seemed interesting as an application. The blurb says:

    Powerful color wheel with flexible adjustments.
    Easy access for HSV, RGB, CMYK, LAB and hex values

    For a full review and some screenshots:

    Have fun.
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    Not sure what exactly you would use this for ( a Graphic designer would know I suppose). Scott, any idea for use with say Artrage paintings? For $3 you can't go too far wrong I suppose!
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    You also have myPantone, wich was reviewed in the latest IFX issue.


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