Before we start this all, have to say, I'm a lefty. And this probably won't work for anybody but a lefty. Here's why.

I draw with my left hand, on paper and obviously also on my tablet. Now whenever I used artrage, to change any value like thickness, ect, I had to lift my tablet pen, move my mouse over to the left, change what I wanted, then try to get back to where I was in my drawing. This oftenly came with lines trough my art because my pen was too close to my tablet, causing the mouse to jump from one place to the other, while clicking. (Not a problem with cntrl+Z, but still annoying)

So I thought, what if I had two mice on screen? I could simply draw, instantly change whatever value I wanted, then keep on drawing.
I looked around, and there wasn't much. Then I found a program called Teamplayer. It allows for multiple mice to be on screen, at the same time.

It works with my wacom bamboo one tablet pretty well, only problem is I have to set the setting to mouse mode, instead of pen mode. (So the area I click, is not one on one with the area on the screen.) Still, this makes me work alot faster.

The program itself costs 15 dollars, but you can get a thirty day trial from wunderworks dot com. (Can't post URL's yet.)

If anybody knows ANOTHER way to have two on screen pointers at the same time, please, let me know, i'd be happy to know all ways to do this.

I hope I helped a few people with this, and for the rest of you, happy drawing.