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Thread: The Draughtman's Contract

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    The Draughtman's Contract

    Scott's post in the after nine section caused this to bubble to the surface of my mind. I have replied to his post but I fear it might get lost in the depths of After Nine.

    This is a made for TV film but is dark, lush, seedy and beautiful all at the same time. It also gives a fascinating insight into how a jobbing artist might have worked in the 17th century, and how he could have used the grid system... This guy would have used AR no doubt. I've ordered it from Amazon, Thanks Scott for reminding me about it.

    Warning! This was made for British TV and the clip is definitely "After Nine"

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    Fraser, Im glad you liked the Drer piece and that it sparked your memory of this video. Its pretty interesting to watch our draughtsman at work--even when hes not with the lady. Im a great fan of British period pieces like this. Ill have a look around to see if I can find a copy of the whole film. Thanks for sharing the link!
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