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Thread: Urgently need French translation.

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    Urgently need French translation.

    Hi all.
    Our French translation of ArtRage 2.2 may be delayed as we're having some problems with our translators.
    Ambient Design urgently needs around 200 lines of text for new features in ArtRage 2.2 translated into French.

    It's not a difficult task - the language is not technical.
    If any of the French Artists here would like to help out by spending a couple of hours over the weekend, you will be paid for your time, get a chance to play with ArtRage 2.2 a week before anyone else, and get a credit in the ArtRage manual.

    Drop me a private message here (click the 'pm' button) if you can commit to having it completed by Monday, and your French is flawless. (translations via Google are not acceptable!)

    Thanks! We want to get ArtRage 2.2 released as soon as possible!
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    I post here and I send also a PM message. I can translate it without any problem. I often write for french magazines so I guess it won't take me a long time to do it (I be sure my french language is better than my english one ;o) )

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    Maybe instead of cash, they can work something where they can get you some work out there, to get the ball rolling.

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    Do you want a Turkish language version Artrage?

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