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Thread: make drawing smaller for strip

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    make drawing smaller for strip


    im making an small comic strip for fun

    i have draw my caracter in big size.

    how can i get it smaller and use it in a other drawing
    without resizing above in %? so i dont need to draw it a million times but i can make a few ( when he is walking , or standing till ) so i can use this over and over

    ( so rezising the caracter instead of the paper ! so i have more room to draw more op the same paper!)

    i hope you understand my english is not that good.
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    You can transform the contents of a layer by right clicking on the layer and choosing 'Transform Layer Contents'. Use the magnifying glass to make the image smaller and larger. For more information on this see 'Moving, Scaling and Rotating Layers' in the ArtRage Manual ( Help -> ArtRage Manual ).

    I hope that helps!
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