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Thread: pen problems - Medion/Aiptek

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    pen problems - Medion/Aiptek

    Hi All
    I am using a Medion graphics tablet which is amazing value but as its limitations. The stylus nib is relatively loose so there is too much movement when doing sensitive brush or pencil work. I wonder if anyone else as come across this problem and has a solution? I wonder also if there are other stylus es (stylii??) which would work with the Medion tablet or if the stylus is particular to the tablet. As far as I can tell the Medion tablets are the same as Aiptek tablets so anyone using Aiptek might be able to help too.

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    Note also that for fine work you can 'zoom in' to the canvas.
    Use the +/- tools in the menu bar, or use the magnifying tool located in the preview pane bottom-middle of the window.
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