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Thread: Foto + Art Rage / Photo + Art Rage

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    Foto + Art Rage / Photo + Art Rage

    This is an intervention of a photograph of a web site.
    I have used only the Knife tool.
    I find, I think, superior results are achieved when compared to Photoshop.
    In this case, Knife tool has replaced the tool: Smudge (in PS).
    The trick?: Knife tool at 0 % ...!!!
    I hope your comments.

    Esta es una intervenciōn de una foto de la web.
    He usado solamente la Espātula.
    Encuentro, creo, que se logran mejores resultados si lo comparamos con Photoshop.
    En este caso, la Espātula ha reemplazado la herramienta: Borronear (en PS).
    El truco?: Espātula al 0 % ...!!!
    Espero sus comentarios.
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    Regards from Chile
    "El arte no reproduce lo visible. Lo hace visible" Paul Klee

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    Great effect using only the knife. And you are correct when compared with PS. Very nice observation my friend.

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    Visually very appealing results!
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    Beautiful... far more appealing than the orignal photo

    Totally agree on it producing better results than photoshop. With photoshop it simulates texture within a brush whereas in artrage and painter the brush reacts to the paper texture as would media in the real world. This also means that you can change paper textures 'on the fly' and get many different textural effects using the exact same brush (a trick you cannot do with real world media or photoshop). Clever lads that artrage team eh?
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