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Thread: Knife on Edge - Adds Paint ?

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    Knife on Edge - Adds Paint ?

    A bug or a feature? I dropped a tiny bit of paint in the center and began in circular motions to scrape the paint with a knife. I was suprised that if I only picked up a tip of the paint that it "built" more paint as long as I continued to scrape. I filled the entire painting with a "paint texture" from a very small drop. It would seem that the expected behavior would be for the knife to run out of paint to spread.

    Btw, I like this. I hope this is not a bug that is a nice feature that gets squashed.
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    Well, I'll leave the Rage brothers to decide if it's a "bug" or not, but to me, if it doesn't match natural media, it's not playing to ArtRage's strengths.

    I think they plan to add, and I am hungry for, a series of advanced controls that are only visible if you demand them. Among these, I would imagine, could be some nice options that let you apply paint from tube to knife before you spread, so that you can trowel on a bunch of fresh clean paint. (I've also mentioned in another thread that it would be nice if I could tap the edge of a loaded knife and get some ridges of paint.)

    My preference would be that the app model a finite amount of media on the tool, and act realistically. I do understand it would be super-tough to actually account for every droplet of media so as not to run into some "accounting irregularities" such as you've discovered.
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    Halley is correct - it's an accounting irregularity.
    We finely (extremely finely!) balance the amount of media we're picking up against the amount of media we're dropping on the canvas. At times (because of the way we do the two separate processes of picking up and depositing in different manners) there can be a slight imbalance.
    The palette knife is a very special tool because the goal is to let it smoosh around paint on the canvas - it should never really reduce or add to the amount that is there. So even a tiny discrepance in either way causes problems. If we take off a fraction more than we're putting down, the paint seems to vanish too quickly and cant be smeared far enough. If we add even a tiny fraction too much, well you can see the result.
    The problem gets compounded many times over if people are doing small circles with the palette-knife, because the stroke is overwriting itself at every step - paint is being sampled and mixed more than once per pixel.

    So the short answer is.... Yes, it's a bug - the knife (currently!) shouldn't deposit paint onto the surface. It should just move what's there around.
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    Heh, it works with small strokes too. Back and forth.

    I have been playing with it. How about an easter egg feature that allows us to turn bugs on :-).

    I will paint with bug juice.

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    Interestingly enough, I can get the knife to "pull" color from the paper by using the same technique and cause the marker to "bleed".d
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