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Thread: Exporting Layers

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    Exporting Layers

    Can you export a file that will show ArtRage layers in photoshop or illustrator?

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    Thank you. I appreciate it. Love your mini's!

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    I know what you mean. I got the tablet monitor and it's wonderful, almost like using paper! But there's something about real, old fashioned painting. Plus, it's easier on the eyes! Keep creating!

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    I've got to get my website on the tags here. I invite you to take a look at mine if you have the time!
    I have a section called 'fine art'. The rest is pretty much commercial.

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    Me, too. It's my favourite! Thanks for looking!

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    Do you mean sell prints of them reduced, or redo them as original & smaller?

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    BTW, I found a new site (to me) to sell your wares that is free to post.
    I just made a site for the jewelry I make & I know they also have artwork. It's a little higher class than some more popular ones. This is their home page:

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    Thanks! I appreciate it!

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