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Thread: color palette is white

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    color palette is white

    The sidebar shows as well as the bottom quarter circle, but the whole palette is white. What did I do and how do I get it back?

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    Not sure what you mean. Post a screenshot if you can.

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    It's fine now. Just that one canvas I was doing a rush job on and kind of freaked when I couldn't get any colour up. I haven't a clue as to why. Thanks for responding.

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    Sounds like you might have brought a reference or tracing image in, there is an option to use colours from the reference or tracing image so the colour wheel looks sort of white, there is no colour to choose, the option is turned on by default but you can turn it off and use your own colours.

    I suggested this because i noticed you had another thread about exporting layers, i figured you might be doing a lot importing and exporting, i know i do sometimes

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    Thanks, Silentman.
    If I recall, I think that's what happened. I had a rush job and didn't want to use Painter as I liked the way one of the tools looked in AR. I didn't have time to read the manual thoroughly and you folks helped get me through it. Thanks again!

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