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Thread: I wish text, grid, rectangle template, cm

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    I wish text, grid, rectangle template, cm


    I like this programm and it ist great, so I bought the full version.

    I make with artrage 2.5 technical (mechanics) examples for pupils on a beamer and for scripts. Therefore i wish:
    - type in normal text
    - a fading in and out grid for easy free hand drawings
    - rectangle template in various lenght and width
    - lineal in cm not only in inch
    - templates for arrows, straight lines, circle

    I hope you are working on it

    nice greetings

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    you can use a layer for the grid. Grid would be very useful to me too, because I also work with Maya and zbrush and I have to import the concept drawings and use them there. The grid in 3d is useful for snapping vertices and working with more precision. I wonder how can a grid be more useful in 2d space as regard to functionality. Maybe if you have horizontal and vertical mirroring it will be extremely useful,again for 3d. I tend to work on only one half of the model,but its nice to have absolute symetry on the image plane as well..

    artrage is no autocad, it will never be, but grid and mirroring are useful indeed.

    Grid functionality ideas:
    >move and resize grid as regards to the model
    >treat the grid as a layer that can be drawn on to set its settings

    > Have the ability to add layout lines to grid and set h/v mirroring on h/v lines- having multiple lines that act as mirrors can be used to speed up a drawing proces by basically telling the canvas to repeat things:


    draw area | vertical line mirror projection

    bunny-left half | bunny - right half

    example 2:

    draw area || two vert lines mirror

    a bunny || another 2 bunnies


    > Use the grid to plan out perspective for a drawing by:
    Using the composition lines in a different way- snapping lines to vanishing points that are added on the line which is treated as a horizon

    this on the other hand greatly complicates artrage.I dont think that it is in the spirit of the application to do that stuff
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    If you want to have the ruler in different dimensions, you can go to Edit -> Rescale the painting and choose cm or mm as the dimensions without changing the size. This measurement unit will then be used for your rulers.

    Alternatively, when you create a new painting ( File -> New Painting ) set the size you want, then switch to cm or mm as the units. I hope that helps!
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    actually rulers are enough

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