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Thread: Selection and Transform Tools PLEASE

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    Selection and Transform Tools PLEASE

    I'm thinking of getting Sketchbook Pro. Pretty much because of it's selection, move, scale, squash/stretch, rotate tools. These are extremely important when making revisions, and developing concepts.... The ability to skew a selection is also needed.

    A nice variable width inking pen would be great too!

    I would happily pay 5x the current price if these things were added

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    Not sure what's in store for us when it's released, but if you wait about 30 days (rumor has it, the ArtRage team is planning AR3's release within the month), maybe we'll be surprised with something like that. I know there have been a lot of people asking for a selection tool.
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    Waiting. . .(patiently?)

    I hope so. Maybe then I can quit playing layer-swap with PhotoShop.

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    It'd also be awesome if you could download different brushes like you can in photoshop...
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