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Thread: Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard - Live Painting

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    Talking Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard - Live Painting

    I can't post URLs yet so I'll just have to tell you where to find the things I'm talking about! I have been looking at setting up an interactive whoteboard using a nintendo wii controller, and an infrared pen based on some work done by Jonny Chung Lee - IF you look it up on youtube you'll understand.

    ArtRage would be perfect to use this way - using a wiimote and a bluetooth enabled PC you can turn anysurface into a whiteboard or multitouch device!

    How about a cheap (though not pressure sensitive) tablet for you? I'm sure a lot of you have nintendo wii's!?

    I am going to use the setup to do live painting at an event or two! I love the fact that I can hide the menus so the image will be full screen. I would love to be able to use this software for others to have a go - but would like to be able to restrict them to just use certain tools and save their image. Also an ability to stop them exiting the program. It would be nice if I could use left click for everything too.

    I hope this has made sense and maybe got a few others thinking what they could do!

    take a look at friispray dot co dot uk on the web too - they use a very basic painting program... I think ArtRage would be AMAZING for it!

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    Did you do anything with this idea?

    I'd imagine it could be interesting, I've done something similar years ago for work. Not with wiimotes since they weren't available back then, but with 3d mice from They worked differently - only accelerometers, no precise tracking with a camera like in the wiimote. Also, we weren't painting, of course, nothing fun like that ever happens at work if you're a software engineer; we were running GIS software. But drawing and scribbling on top of the display was natural.

    Btw, you can also use an iPod touch or an iPhone, there's an app that lets you use it in a similar way as the 3d mice made by the company I linked above. Also only based on the accelerometers so no precise pointing at a location on the screen as with a wiimote either.

    There's also a bunch of PDAs and telephones with pressure-sensitive displays that can run VNC clients, so you could potentially use these for painting as well. Those with capacitative screens (like the iPhone) won't work as well though, since they either don't work with pens or the pens are a bit clumsy. But at any rate you get a cheap shot at what working with a Wacom Cintiq might be like

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    I had a chap develop a simple paint program for me called Graffr -it was coded in "Processing" he's trying to work out how to do stencils for it next. Unfortunately I don't have enough money to pay for any more development at the moment I designed the GUI myself in Illustrator. Ideally if i could find a flash coder -cheap - or student who wants some experience - I could get them to develop a flash app based on some stuff already out there - I'm no Actionscript coder or I'd do it myself. I have access to all the AS3 libraries - the design knowledge - and stuff. Processing doesn't have a very nice way of doing a GUI really apart from mapping to a png file. At least in Flash it would all be vectors...
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    If you don't kow, the upcoming PlayStation Move controller is currently the best (most accurate) 3D movement tracking system. Here's a painting demo (add the dots to the link address!)-
    www youtube com /watch?v=k_MQJcU8lfc.

    They also have 3D sculpting which is being used by Sony developers to interface with Maya. You can see a range of tech demos here.

    www eurogamer net/articles/digitalfoundry-future-of-playstation-move-article

    At the moment the Move interface is run on a PS3 and that's used as a control device on PC, but I'm sure it won't be long before someone writes a PC driver; it's a standard BlueTooth device. Should allow for some very free-motion painting!

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