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Thread: Weird problem with artrage

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    Question Weird problem with artrage

    Hi all!

    Im a happy artrage user but suddenly there is a problem.

    Im working on a painting using the airbrush. Now two weeks later i want to finish it but the airbrush is just acting strange.
    The colour black isn't black anymore but a more gray like.
    When i brush with blakc it also gives a weird black spot.
    Don't really know how to explain it, so ive added a screenshot. I hope you know what im meaning and can help me with this.

    thanks you,

    o lol i wanted to post a pictures trought tinypic but because being this my first post i can't give a link
    so i hope you understand what i mean...

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    I've updated your account, so you should be able to link to a screenshot now. You can also post a screenshot as an attachment - see this post:

    If possible, it'd definitely be handy to be able to have a look at a screenshot to get a better idea of what's happening there for you.
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    I'm betting it will be that you bumped the metallic slider on the colour wheel

    Welcome to the forums SerinaWilliams, Dave will sort ya out
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    @ Silentman : thanks for the welcome

    @ DaveRage : Thank you for updating. I've uploaded the file. Hope you can see it and see what i mean.
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    There are a couple of things that could cause this and we will need some more information to find out what is happening:

    It could be that your Layer is less than 100% opaque. Please check the Opacity value using the menu arrow for the black-filled layer in the Layer Panel, that should indicate the value. If it is not 100%, set it to 100%.

    One other possibility is that your image was not saved as a Painting file but exported then re-imported. This will change the colour of the paint as exporting applies a light to the canvas so that other applications can see the texture of the paint applied.

    The black area isn't quite black, it looks as if it is a really dark version of the canvas colour, so I am guessing that opacity is the problem. If it isn't, please send a copy of the painting to (if it is less than 5 megabytes in size) and we can take a look at it directly.
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    The opacity of the background layer is on 100%
    Note: i've choisen for a more gray background instead of black.

    I think i exported the painting and then re-imported. That sounds the most logical.

    For sureness i have added a other screenshot of the actually painting ( bcause it's 35mb)

    thanks for helping
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