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Thread: ArtRage 2.5 - Wacom key isn't accepted

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    ArtRage 2.5 - Wacom key isn't accepted

    I bought a Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium last week and got the install of ArtRage 2.5 and the key from the download center...
    i had no problems with the installation but if i want to start the programm and enter the key with my Name it calls me:
    "The key seems to be incorrect". That can't be.. i tried it with typing the key, copying it and is is always the same message....

    I wrote an email at the service center but i didn't get a response yet.

    What can i do?


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    Hi Sandra,

    I don't think I have an email from you, unless it's one of the ones I've replied to. Could I get you to submit a support request at - click the 'Support Page' link next to 'Submit a support request' and enter the details of the key you're trying to enter. This information will be sent directly to me and I can check it for you here to see if I can see what the problem might be.
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    Hi Dave,
    Matt helped me with that problem and now i can finally use your software

    it's pretty cool maybe i can post some pictures that will be done at the gallery

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