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Thread: Oil Paint dabs get covered by existing color

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    Oil Paint dabs get covered by existing color

    I have noticed that when I add dabs of oil paint in order to get a new color on a spot I'm working on, then use the palette knife (I like to paint with the knife) to smear it around, the existing color already on the canvas will smear over the dab, while the dab just sits there getting covered up!

    am I doing something wrong here? even if I lay down a LOT of dabs, this will happen.

    anybody else experiencing this?


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    One thing to remember is that the paint you're laying down is very thick; and if you're using the flat knife it'll spread it out a lot, rather than just mixing. So the 'new' paint is overwhelmed... that sounds like what's happening.

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    Also, check that you don't have 'insta-dry' turned on in the left hand tool settings panel, as this will dry your paint strokes immediately when you apply them, so they won't really smear, only smudge.
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