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Thread: Some animation don't need technology....

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    Some animation don't need technology....

    to create them but really great story......some may have seen this.

    Part 1

    Part 2

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    that was really amazing.. haven't got the time to know about that\amazing work of art... that was a really great concept... and I love it...
    I was really astonished and entertained so much...

    That was amazing styles and she is really a great artist...
    But there's just one thing that I worry, and I think you all
    knew about this.. that her only way of saving that beautiful work of
    art for her own, is by means of a video... for that's a sand made
    in an actual way...

    9/10 for that video..

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    She's so amazing...
    I admire her talent...
    the sand animation is so cool...
    the story is clear and she done it smoothly...
    really really amazing...^_^

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    Mesmerizing... It seems like this could be implemented in future versions of artrage. And by could I mean should.

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    I've seen other videos of a long-haired female sand artist (wonder if it is the same woman), first starting a few years ago, and remember watching them with my girls when they were toddlers. We'd watch them and then repeat and repeat....they were facinated. Beautiful.
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