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    I would love to have markers in Artrage.

    I've made a picture with comparison of a real marker and the closest I could come up with in Artrage.

    I've put some numbers in the picture so you can refer to waht I'm talking about.

    1. A twin tip marker. (this one is a Letraset Tria marker)

    2. A stroke with the broad side of the marker. As you can see that the real marker bleeds all the time som when it goes slower the paint gets darker.

    2.1 A similar stroke in Artrage with the oilbrush. You can se that that the brush is following the direction of the stroke all the time. Would be nice if was a option to freeze it in one direction. The oil brush don't bleed as the marker so it doesn't make any different if you go fast or slow.

    3. Here's some strokes with the marker. If you go over the same stroke several times the more color it adds and make it darker.

    3.1 Some strokes with the oil brush in Artrage. Works quite nice but with the marker you get a darker spot where you start that you have to do manually in Artrage. It's also hard to get a flat start of the stroke with the brush tool.

    4. some stroke with the thin tip of the marker.

    4.1 Some strokes with the airbrush tool in Artrage,quite close. With the airbrush tool you have the auto flow thing to simulate the bleeding of the marker, but the edges of the strokes is to fuzzy compared to the marker.

    5. Some examples of the bleeding of the marker. I've just hold the marker against the paper and depending on how long I let the marker touch the paper the more it bleeds out.

    I hope this make sense.
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    One thing about the way markers bleed: it has a LOT to do with the type of paper you're using. Use marker on vellum, then use marker on rice paper, then use marker on heavy cotton rag. It bleeds in very different ways, because the fibers have different lengths and orientations, and these fibers "wick" the marker solvent by capillary action.

    In fact, this is an area I'd like to see ArtRage Version 83 to expand: paper bleeding behaviors. In your copious free time, Andy.
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    @hally-that would be neat...and then somebleedproof for when you want it for a presentation peice

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