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Thread: Curveguides, Ellipse guides and rulers.

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    Curveguides, Ellipse guides and rulers.

    I have done some mockup's for some ideas I have for Artrage.

    The idea is to have curveguides that work like the real ones.

    1. It should be easy to move, rotate and scale it for perfect placement on the paper/canvas.

    2. You should be able to mask with it, so if you go over it with the airbrush (or any tool) it doesn't leave any trace where the curve guide is.

    3. Maybe the most important feature is that you can lock your pen on the guide, so it always follows the edge of the curveguide/Ellipseguide/Ruler.
    That way you can fill out you sketch with perfect lines as you do in the real world.

    What do you guys think?
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    I think it would be a great feature.

    Having the range of controlled or loose marks is most desirable.

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    Something like that would be great for me as i can't hold a ruler or anything else on my taplet to do lines or curves

    So a BIG YES Please from me 8)
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    brilliant work there Mist. I think this clearly shows how great some advanced rulers would be in Artrage. And this is something I have never seen in another paintprogram, which would set Artrage even further apart from the rest of the pack.
    Lead Concept Artist - NDS Denmark

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    Love how you have done that, a great idea 8)
    You can view all my other artwork here

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    I did not get this...

    Hi MiSt,

    I down loaded the images and I saw the rules etc. Is this available? is it a plugin? If so were do we get it?


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    Great idea and execution

    Hmmm...good way to make a suggestion!! Show it as implemented and make the user base start asking how to access it!
    Really, looks great and I could see this fitting into the theme of the program.

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    Way to go, that's definitely the kind of thing I'm talking about! If it includes custom guides, that would simply be perfect and I believe unique on the market?!

    Sweet! You have my vote!

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    Thanks everybody for the replies.

    sergio: No, this is not a plugin, it's just a mockup to show my ideas of new features I would like to see in Artrage.

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    Whoops.. I didn't see this thread and posted something like it. I deleted that post and I'm just pasting it over here...

    I was just doing some sketching in ArtRage and had a thought about a possible new tool. French curves.

    They're pretty handy when you want to get something just so. I think they'd be a great addition to the program. Select the shape you want and position it on the canvas, resize it to your needs and it creates a selection. You could then draw along the edge of the selection to get any curve you wanted, just like the plastic stencils. Possibly with an option to keep the cursor inside the selected area.

    Maybe it could edited too. Then we can share our stencils like we do canvas.

    I don't know how difficult that would be to implement. I have no idea what the program code is like. It might mean adding some sort of vector engine or it could use some basic code already in there.

    I know I could just use the plastic stencils on my drawing tablet, but positioning and sizing is kind of difficult to coordinate with the screen. Maybe I just need to practice some more.

    Anyway, with or without those, I still love the program.

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