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Thread: Flopping a layer?

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    Flopping a layer?

    Is it possible yet to flop a layer horizontally and not just for 'quick mirror check'? (Which I think is pretty cool too!)

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    Not yet, not that I know of. I expect the Rage team has a huge list of 3.0 features they're considering how to shoehorn into the interface. For example, shifting a layer left, right, up, down, so objects on each layer can be repositioned. Or rotating just one layer in relation to the rest. Etc.

    By the way, if you were able to flip over a layer with glitter, what should be the result?

    * simple left-to-right exchange of visible color (pixels)?
    * also left-to-right correction of the lighting direction on the glitter height?
    * also left-to-right exchange of paper grain under the glitter?
    * a flat paper grain instead, to demonstrate the "bottom" of the layer?
    * some loose unglued glitter goes flying onto other areas of canvas and lap?

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    Thanks for the heads up halley.

    As for possible abilities for flipping a layer with glitter (maybe should be posted under 'Suggestions'?)...

    I would have to be greedy and agree with having the options of being able to adjust all of the aspects you've suggested. But if I were allowed only one, or if it were a default setting, I would go with your first pick of having it simply mirror (although I see your point about lighting and grain directions). Same would go for any of the other textured-like brushes and tools.

    Well, I'm definitely not complaining at all, especially at this price point! Thanks ArtRage team!

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