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Thread: Copic Markers...watercolor?

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    Copic Markers...watercolor?

    Hi, I've been trying to get a look similar to this:

    kitten-chandotdeviantartdotcom/art/Family-129270185 (replace 'dot' with a real dot...i'm a noob so i can't post a link yet...

    However, I've been hitting some roadblocks in Artrage...

    It seems if you use white for blending...(I set wetness 100%, Pressure 100%, softness 0% for a fat blender), you will either get a darker color that will blend forever or you will get white. Very rarely will you get the colors laid down...For instance...and it's like that for a lot of marker colors when you're not using art markers! Is there some kind of fantom setting I'm not getting? I have the copic marker palette and when I select one of the lighter skin tone colors, if I color a spot really hard once or twice, 1.) it's not the right color and 2.) it's DARK BROWN!

    What gives?

    I can make the marker look in OpenCanvas, but it's not as natural because there's lot of stupid steps I have to take to fake the look...Artrage is so close to what I want, which is more true representation of markers, but this color thing is really urking me!

    Can anyone help?

    Also, an aside..anyone got tips for a pure watercolor looks? I haven't seem much in the way of this in artrage...

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    Watercolour's one of the tricky ones. I'd suggest thinned paint or markers.

    Hmm, for the markers, maybe try something lower than 100% wetness?

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    but even less wetness, unless it's on artmarkers, the colors are *so* off many times from what's selected from the swatch.

    and then art markers don't look like markers at all, but just a regular paint program...and even smearing them with the colorless blender makes them revert back to wrong colors.

    It's frustrating because it's SOOO close but so far...

    I'll try playing around with the paints I guess...maybe some magical setting will bring through the look i'm trying to get.

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