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Thread: Printing Digital Work on Canvas

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    Printing Digital Work on Canvas

    I'm not sure anything I've done yet is worth printing on canvas (maybe my self portrait), but it's something I'd like to do in the future. I was wondering how you get digital work printed onto a canvas? Do I need special hardware? Or do I take it / send it to some kind of store or something to pay for them to print it? I see a lot of digital artists offering prints for sale, and it puzzles me how they get the digital work onto the canvas... or are prints not on canvas?

    (Whether or not prints are on canvas, I still would like to know if and how digital work can be translated to the canvas, but clarification on this point would be helpful anyway^^)

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    Most printing sites/photo shops offer a canvas option - so it's not really any different from 'normal' printing (just costs more!)

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    More info please

    A very good question. I have read bits & pieces on this topic all over the forum. It would be very helpfull if one of the more experienced folk here could put all that information in one comprehensive tutorial on setting up, printing & framing art work, start to finish. ( I printed my first work and it was about 2 inches square). It would be nice to have a presentation on calibrating our paintings & canvas for the real world. If there is already a post on this maybe the moderators could make it a sticky?

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    Hey Guys, you'll find a wealth of information in this thread, it was starting to slip down the line, perhaps it is needing a sticky (looks at Dave)
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    I have not purchased any product from this company, nor am i in any way asociated with this comercial interprize.
    as such, this is not an endorcement in any way !
    I post this link as an information about what is currently technical posible.

    Recently there was a feature on danish tv about this subject (printing to canvas)
    In the program a guantee of 100 y without loss of hue was mentioned (depending on no direct exposure to naked! sunlight -the claim was that behind glass sunlight would not be a probelm -i doubt that..)
    This is the url

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    That is r e d i c u l o u s
    h t t p: // www .sumopix .com /en

    construct a valid url by removeving the spacing :/


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    Can't say much about digital printing on textiles. Digital image inks are designed to work with 4 color process (4cp). This process needs white to work correctly. You will need to print the white first or use solid colors which screen printing would be better for. Not much else can be said as the art would need to be seen before making any further comments.

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