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Thread: A unique guitarist.

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    A unique guitarist.

    Saw this chap play in a local pub once... went home and hid my guitar.

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    oh wow

    .. thanks for sharing... awesome guitarist!!

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    That one would throw you, trying to figure it out if just listening to it. All the "on the fly" tuning! Saw him a few times when he traveled through these parts and he is amazing.
    I also really like Pierre Ben Susan, and Peter Finger. Both will make you feel like giving up the guitar ( and indeed, I still own a few, but have pretty much stopped playing).
    There is hardly the time to paint, let alone play the guitar! Good for you if you can do both ( and remodel your kitchen)!
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    wow... he is wonderful. amazing guitar player.

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    It's criminal, really. I hate to see a gifted guitarist like that still having to play a guitar that can't stay in tune. As a newbie kid, okay. But not at such a late stage of the game. So sad.

    I'd not heard of him. Seems like I'm going to be chasing his videos around YouTube for a while. Very pleasurable. I like how in one of them he said that he plays both electric and acoustic guitars, but that when you sharpen up in one, you lose something in the other. I think that may be right to some degree when you're pushing the envelope like he seems to.

    Had I only heard a recording and not had the benefit of the visuals, I would have gone nuts trying to figure out what he was doing since I had never really seen anyone doing that kind of thing with the tuners.

    Thanks Fraser-Paice!
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