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Thread: Unsupported blending mode

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    Unhappy Unsupported blending mode


    I'm having a problem bringing a psd back into photoshop after editing in Artrage. After exporting the image back to psd format, and attempting to reopen it in Photoshop, I receive the following:

    'The file uses an unsupported blending mode. Substitute normal mode?'

    The options are OK, Cancel and Read composite data. All the layer blending modes are already set to normal. Clicking ok opens the file with nothing but completely empty layers. choosing read composite mode merges all the layers. Neither option is desirable. I created the image in Photoshop and had no issues before importing it into Artrage. Any suggestions?

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    I dont work for AR, but maybe attaching your psd or specifying the version of PS might get a quicker response?

    of if you feel it really is a bug/technical issue maybe try contacting support, I'm sure one of the rage'bros will spot this soon.
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    That's an odd one. It sounds like the file is damaged. Can you open it in ArtRage?

    If you can open it in ArtRage, you could recover data by exporting individual layers as PNGs ( right click the layer, choose 'Export layer' from the menu ), then creating a new file in Photoshop, opening the PNGs and using them to recreate the layers.

    Also, if your PSD is smaller than 10mb you could email it to me at and we can see if we can find out anything from it here. If it's larger and you want to get it to me, let me know and I'll send you some ftp details.
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