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Thread: WIP - F-86 Sabres at RAF Shepherds Grove

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    WIP - F-86 Sabres at RAF Shepherds Grove

    This is a sketch done in ArtRage 2.5 and PS CS2. The painting will be done in ArtRage and then Acrylic. In September of 1951, due to a perceived lack of modern jet fighters to defend the UK from Soviet threat, 3 Squadrons of F-86 fighters of the USAF were transferred to new homes in England. They were the first elements of a return to the UK after the end of WWII withdrawals of US forces. I did some quick sketches in ArtRage2 and PS and am leaning towards this version of Sabres of the 92nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron taking a close look at the control tower (watch office in RAF speak) of their new home, RAF Shepherds Grove in Suffolk, UK. The airbase no longer exists, so it took some time to get an idea of what this situation would look like from the air.

    Name:  92nd-FIS-sg.jpg
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    I'm still refining the background, but I wanted to get the Sabres blocked in accurately first and work from there. The Sabres are very colorful as was the rule in the 50's. This is a profile of the one on the right that I did while researching the composition.

    Name:  F-86A-Print_drybrush_800.jpg
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    Love the perspective you have there. Anxious to see the finished product
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    Thanks SiriusArtWorks,

    That's one of the joys of doing aviation images, with perspectives going off in all sorts of directions. Getting everything to appear consistent can be a trip. I'm hoping to get some time to work on this tonight; there's lots more cleaning up to be done on the sketch.

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    This looks like it could turn out to be an absolutely stunning piece of work. The options that you could have here are endless.... can't wait to see the finished piece!
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    Elfdaughter, please excuse me for not responding to your coment sooner . My art endevours ground to a standstill over the last couple of months. I'm back on track now (I hope). This is the final sketch, done in AR 2.5.

    Name:  13th-sketch-800.jpg
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    This is a detail of the refueling going on in the upper part of the image

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	bckgrnd-f-86andtanker_11309.jpg 
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    and this is the beginning of the painting, done in AR 3 Studio Pro using Oil Brush and Chalk (for a dry brush effect). The image is 15 X 20 at 200 ppi.

    Name:  SGsabre_020310a_web.jpg
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    I'm loving AR 3 so far .

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    Love the subject and cannot wait to see the end product.
    I have pondered painting a Lancaster or hurricane, this will stir me up to do it, thank you.

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