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Thread: HELP: File completely lost.

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    HELP: File completely lost.

    I recently started painting using ArtRage 2 and today, while working on a page for my webcomic, the program crashed. After the program restarted, I tried opening the file and was met with the a "Generic Failure" error message that reads "ArtRage encountered an error trying to load the painting you requested. the file could not be read from". Now when I look at the files properties, it says the file has 0 bytes. Anyone know how I can remedy this, since I'm eager to get back to working on it and want to know if I need to start right over

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    Hi Carfrae!

    Sorry to hear you had a problem. If the file is 0 bytes in size, then unfortunately it won't be recoverable. If you're on Windows, check that the 0 byte file is the one you saved, rather than ArtRage's arrestart.ptg file which is the one ArtRage attempts to automatically save when there's a crash. If it's your file, check the following location for arrestart.ptg

    Windows XP

    run 'Application Data'
    open Ambent Design\ArtRage 2\ <- the file is here if it was saved

    Windows Vista / 7

    run 'Appdata'
    open Roaming\Ambient Design\ArtRage 2\ <- the file is here if it was saved

    See if that file exists and can be opened. If it can, save a copy as a different filename in your normal location and continue working from that, rather than the arrestart file. If it can't be opened but has data in it, you can email the file to me at and we can take a look at it here for you to see if anything can be recovered. If it's larger than 10mb let me know and I'll sort out another way of getting hold of it.

    I tend to use multiple files when I'm working on time consuming or large files in general e.g. mypainting1.ptg mypainting2.ptg and saving fairly regularly, as this means I'll at least have an older version of the file in the event of file corruption, crash, power failure and so on.

    I hope that's of some help!
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