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Thread: OT - SketchBook Mobile for iPod/iPhone

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    OT - SketchBook Mobile for iPod/iPhone

    OK I realise this is about an Autodesk product, but I hope it might spur us on to get an AR mobile for iPod - that would be simply amamzing.
    Has anyone tried SM yet? I couldn't really get on with the likes of Brushes etc but I find SketchBook Mobile to be a genuinely good mobile sketching app. This is the first time I have felt my iPod is a viable sketchbook. Awsome. I hereby begin a petition for AR Mobile.

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    irishrose Guest
    Sav, I have it and it is TOTALLY worth the money.. great for sketches!!! It is way better than many of the other mobile drawing programs out there. I say YES to AR Mobile!

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    Great stuff Rose. Once I get the hang of it we'll have to start a mobile gallery.


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    irishrose Guest
    Sav, you have an iTouch and you bought SM?? You'll have to tell me what you think of it. Right now I'm studying a silkscreen artist named Charles Harper, and he uses architectural design to do his animals (he's 80 now but his work is awesome). He uses rulers, French curves, a ruling pen, it's all done precisely. Right up my alley. Though I like abstract, I am also into minimalism and thought this sketch program would help me to get more streamlined and precise. I opt for a Mobile Gallery too! Let me know when you start one!

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    Yes I got it yesterday and it made sense right away. I think it is great. There is a bit of an issue where re-sizing brushes sometimes causes a crash but I'm sure that will get fixed soon.
    Definitely worth having for the price though.

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    irishrose Guest
    I know that this is one of the most solid programs so far that I've seen and I've downloaded a bunch. Haven't had any problems with crashing yet, but many of these apps come out with the first version, get feedback when there are crashes reported, and then there is a fix within weeks. It happened in Brushes and I was happy to be on the Beta team over there too. I was just a tad late for Layers

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    I hope a fix does come out soon. It is the only thing which would stop me giving a 5 star rating.

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    irishrose Guest
    Sav, it will. I'm sure there are many making comments about it.. the developer will be pressured!

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    Hey Rose and Boxy, just saw this and had to chime in. I WANT AR on my iThing too. I do use Sketchbook Mobile a lot. And I know for sure they are working on an upgrade. But to prevent any crashing (I hope you have newer touches.. My crashing stopped once I got the newest one) Anyway, I digress.

    BE SURE to save your work often. After you do a bunch of stuff or make many new lines, just save it to the gallery and every now and then quit the program and restart. These new art apps are intensive memory hogs and the phones/touch were not really made for the way we're starting to use them. Kinda like Adobe on an old Mac plus.

    I will sign the petition for AR on iPhone!
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    Susan Murtaugh satisfied user (ArtRage)

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    irishrose Guest
    Yay Suzy!!! I cracked up when you said your iThing I have a relatively new iPod Touch (this past Christmas), not the newest, but not old either. Will definitely heed your tips.

    Glad we have your vote!!

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