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Thread: A poem for Albert

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    A poem for Albert


    Oceans ebbing, oceans neaping
    Krill and plankton ever keeping
    Mighty beasts alive and leaping
    Leaping like Leviathan.

    While we ponder surfing ... sailing
    Dream of one day once assailing
    Mountains in our minds prevailing
    Leaps the great Leviathan

    Waves are but a moment's motion
    Ripples on the Cosmic Ocean
    Yet we dare conceive the notion
    Dominate Leviathan

    Thoughts are but a moment fleeting
    Ideas but a hope of meeting
    All the truth that needs repeating
    Therein lies Leviathan

    follow this link to see the image that inspired
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    This is a really, um, deep poem, Robert (pun intended, heh).

    It's got great merit on, at the very least, one significant level -- that of consciousness.

    Leviathan, I've heard, sometimes takes on the form of dry land itself, creating misreads from sailors. Some long ago Irish monk spoke/wrote so of it. It's a brilliant idea and gives a metaphoric form to your mysterious and evocative poetry -- a handle for me to grab. You wield the pen admirably well, my good man.

    In a reversal, seems to me that Davey Jones' locker is where is stowed away those few conscious notions while asleep in the deep. I wonder if when one is traveling at great depth, if that locker might not be a treasure trove holding buoyancy within.

    Love the wave/ripple image. I could set myself adrift on this one owing to the symbolism you've woven in. It has legs -- sea legs.

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    Thanks Robert! wow. truly amazing poem far beyond the art that inspired it.
    I am glad to have played some part in that one. Excellent work indeed. Thank you for providing a poem to go with my illustration and you of course have my full permission to use it anywhere you like in support of your literary talents.
    I see it now: The Poems of Robert Wade. Has a very good look to it.
    Indeed it is yours for a blog, a book, or any personal applications you choose to use it in to illustrate your poem. Take care my friend and thank you!

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    Dear Robert, your poem reflects Gzairbornes painting beautifully, but, this is neither here nor there that your poem reminded me of a song we used to sing in Church, the rythym of your poem is stuck in my mind now and i seem to remember only one phrase of the song but do remember is was a song of joy, "jene tore jene toque laus et jubilatio", it was in Latin and can't find a translation, maybe Dear Caesar will have a clue, but a beautiuful poem you have written for your freind!

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    Your coming of age dear Robert, another master piece, you know where i am if your ever in need of my framing services my friend
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    Thank you DA. The concept of Leviathan has a rich history. In Genesis, it was created on the fifth day but Yahweh, fearing that the beast would overpopulate the oceans, decided to destroy the female of the species.
    It appears through the ages in Talmudic and Rabbinical writings and is, of course, a psychological source of inspiration for Melville's Moby Dick.

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    Albert, I'm so pleased that you like it and hope you feel it catches the spirit of your wonderful image. Thank you for the inspiration my friend. I could feel it starting to "brew" as soon as I saw it.

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    I love this poem. Also a great tribute to a great person and his work. Love the methaphors on it. I learned a lot with it. Congratulations Robert very nice piece of literature.

    Lee, here is the complete latin version:

    "Tantum Ergo

    Tantum Ergo Sacramentum
    Veneremur cernui
    Et antiquum documentum
    Novo cedat ritui,
    Praestet fides suplementum
    Sensuum defectui.

    Genitori, Genitoque,
    Laus et jubilatio
    Salus, honor, virtus quoque
    Sit et benedictio
    Procedenti ab utroque
    Compar sit laudatio. Amen."

    The music and english translation can be seen in HERE

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    Thank you Lee and I'm glad to have stirred a memory for you.

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