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Thread: question: why does artrage stop working

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    question: why does artrage stop working

    Several times in the last few weeks my artrage has just been working fine. And all of a sudden the little warning box pops up.... saying "artrage has stopped working and is shutting down". When I try starting it back up and open the latest file, it opens up a file that I had saved probably a year ago? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Maybe I have a setting wrong or something. All I know is I just lost 3 hours of work tonight. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    sorry to hear that , juliediane , I think that the team of Art Rage can eventually help you to find your work.
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    Interesting problem. Not something I'd really know anything about of course. Though I wonder if you have installed any other programs recently or have run any updates on your computer that may coincide with the time AR started acting up on you? It may help them determine where the issue lies.

    Out of curiosity, have you tried reinstalling the program?
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    Sorry to hear you had a problem. It sounds like the application has crashed and you're receiving that error message from Windows to indicate that. When ArtRage crashes on Windows it attempts to save the file but this is not always easy to do during a crash. The old work you're seeing is most likely the last file ArtRage was successfully able to automatically save when it crashed some time ago if it's opening automatically when ArtRage starts up.

    I'd recommend taking a note of you were doing just before the crash next time it happens as that may help to pin down what might be causing it. You can email me directly at with the information and I can do some troubleshooting with you. If the crash is infrequent it can be difficult to rapidly locate the exact cause, but I'm always happy to do what I can to help. If you get the option to send data to Microsoft when it occurs, it's worthwhile doing that as it may enable us to access information about the crash from their systems.

    The last successfully recovered file is called ARRestart.ptg and is located in ArtRage's application data folder. You can find the location information here:

    If it's not an up to date or wanted file, you can delete it.

    It's definitely worthwhile when working with any software to save frequently, and to use more than a single file as you go to protect against the possibility of losing a large amount of work ( crash, power cut, computer failure, a corrupted painting file etc ). e.g. mypainting1.ptg - mypainting2.ptg - mypainting3.ptg
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