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Thread: I can't do portraits!

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    I can't do portraits!

    We've been asked to do a self-portrait for Art class, but I can't draw a face.
    At least, not well.
    And if I don't do this well, my art teacher will think I'm no good at art.
    Any tips?

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    Make a 8 by 10 photo of yourself. Trace a self-portrait from it. Now that you have a feel for what the result should be, throw the tracing away, and re-do on a sheet of paper using the photo as a reference

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    the online way maybe...

    just create an account and browse freely all the sources here at :

    hoping it will help you
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    Gosh if your art teacher says or thinks your no good at art for not being able to do a portrait then they don't deserve to be a art teacher. Art is embodied in so many froms and not just being able to draw a face. It covers impressionistic, absracts, still lifes and life drawings to name but a few. Also art is not just confined to pictures and paintings, its a photo or a model walking down a catwalk wearing art or the art of words. The goal of the artist is to find the style that suits them. But it also pays to be versitle and explore many different avenues and practise.

    Not that this helps with the how to draw a face but its to let you know a portrait is not the be all and end all of art. Hey I consider my two year olds chalking on the wall as art, I enjoy looking at it and he enjoyed doing it.

    Sorry for that but I have a bit of a chip on my sholder when it comes to art teachers as my art descovery was so put on hold by inconsiderate comments like branches don't bend that way, yes if it was a study of a tree then yes that comment is valid but it was a fantasy drawing I had done GRRRRRRRRRRR that tree could walk if I had wanted it to.

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    irishrose Guest
    I have to agree with Chili... and in our vocabulary at home, there is no such word as CAN'T. You CAN if you try your hardest to do anything. Yes, you can. It just takes practice. Don't let your teacher bully you into telling you that you can't do this kind of art. That's baloney! And goes well with cheese! hehe

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    Do it Picasso style!
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    irishrose Guest
    Dali!!! Great idea... no need to be perfect!

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    My best art teacher ever-Cynthia, always said if you can in some way hold something that can make a mark you can make art!

    And to her credit I never met a student she couldn't get art out of.

    Remember there are many styles realism is just one
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    Do your best.
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