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Thread: Digital Art Masters vol 4 Book

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    Digital Art Masters vol 4 Book

    I recently splurged on a great book of digital art ( see title above), I have never seen the other 3 volumes, but would like to. The art in these is on a high professional level that I can scarcely comprehend. Wondered if anyone owns, or has seen these books?
    Interesting to note that no one used Artrage. Usually Photoshop, and some things I have never even heard of--Zbrush, and a variety of modeling and lighting programs.
    The technical skill level represented is boggling, and would take years. It makes you appreciate the simple way you can create in Artrage, though you could never achieve some of the effects these folk manage.
    Each artist writes about his piece, the inspiration and the though process he ( indeed I have found no women so far who are represented--maybe some to come) went through, and then the technical process, which could be in Swahili for all the good it does me to read it.
    Its an impressive book and I would recommend it, if you have an extra $35 to spend!
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    Rob, I have a 2 yr subscription to Corel Painter Magazine, and let me tell you, they do those interviews all the time with people to explain what other programs they use in tandem with Painter, and it goes WAY over my head. I'm happy to just be able to paint. And in any way I please without having to have too many high tech programs on my computer. Right now I have Painter and AR. Oh, and Photoshop ELEMENTS, I can't afford the CS4 junk. Not that it does anything that great anyway.. though for the pricetag, it should make coffee for me in the morning! Thanks for the tip!

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